Who Was Amanda Green? Shot Dead In Tulsa Hospital Shooting, Age, Family & Instagram: As we all know, Dr. Preston Phillips and Dr. Stephanie Husen, as well as Amanda Green and William Love, were killed in a mass shooting in Tulsa. This was a fantastic incident that occurred in Tulsa, but the suspect is known as Louis, who wanted to target doctor Philips but also the other three members of the clinic. However, police are investigating the entire incident that occurred on Wednesday at Tulsa Hospital, where several people were fatally injured.

Who Was Amanda Green?

However, the gunman who shot the people shot himself as well, and it was confirmed that he died at that moment only, but Tulsa police have been telling the scene to the hospital’s TV station. The suspect was a black man who bought a rifle and a pastel from a nearby local shop. Police also state that the majority of the shootings occurred on the second floor of the building, but it is also stated that a second floor was the section of the Orthopedic center.

Amanda Green Tulsa Hospital Victim: Family, Age & Instagram

Many people were shot and killed in that incident at the hospital building, and many people have been arrested from the hospital campus so that police can move their investigation forward. Police have also begun their investigation, and they are looking into a young man from Memorial High School who was waiting to be reunited with his family when the incident occurred at the Natalia Medical Building in Tulsa.

There will be a conference meeting, and all clinic members have been invited to attend. The only thing we can do right now is pray for the families who have lost loved ones in the shooting that occurred on Wednesday in the medical building on the Hospital campus in Tulsa. Many families were also standing outside the hospital and sitting in their cars during the shooting.

Gannon Gill, a physician, stated that he was also guiding patients out of their rooms and corridors when they heard the sound of gunfire. He did and tried his best, and after all, he was going and making his way out of the hospital to a nearby parking lot when he and encountered a patient. There has been an official announcement that all appointments will be canceled until Thursday, and the clinic will remain closed until then.