Video da iza @naoidentificc twitter viral on Reddit, What happened naoidentificc?

Marcos Mion and Iza introduced themselves to their followers just as Laura Jr. was interviewed by reporters in an Instagram video. The little girl went viral after singing a whale song with a powerful voice in a school choir in Rio de Janeiro.

In the image, Mion plays the role of a reporter, while Iza poses as Laura. “MionNews: The girl’s loud voice surprised everyone,” wrote the presenter. On the other hand, Iza joked, “What did you ask me to do.”

Already in the comments, fans of the duo flooded the posts with information and jokes on the subject. “That last beat, perfect, both,” said a follower. “This one, even quiet, is already amazing”, commented another. “Awesome you two rocked this video,” wrote a third.

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