WATCH: Citibank Racial Profiling Video On TikTok Explained: Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd: A video of Citibank’s racial profiling has been taking over the internet these days. Yes, a video has been surfacing all over the internet showing Citibank’s racial profiling that happened at Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd on 22 March 2022. The video has been surfaced on the internet and thousands of people have watched it. People have also been reacting to it and sharing their opinions on the video. There are also many people who want to know more about it and search online to get details about the same. In this article, we are going to provide you with all available information so stay tuned.

Citibank Racial Profiling Video On TikTok Explained

Nowadays, Citibank’s racial profiling video has been going viral on the internet as all social media users have been showing their support towards the victim and chastising the bank. It all started after a cheque of a young black woman was seized by a bank employee. Later, a video started going viral with the title Citibank’s racial profiling video. The video went viral after BabyStorme shared her experience on TikTok. The incident took place at 5000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA Citibank on 22 March 2022, Tuesday.

As soon the video went viral, the netizens also started sharing it on their profile. The video of a young woman whose cheque was seized by the bank worker is demanding an explanation from Citibank. In reaction, one user wrote, “Would you mind explaining why this young girl was racially profiled? Or do you want us to keep making you famous?”

Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd

In the video, the woman can be seen crying badly while explaining the whole incident and what exactly happened to her. The video of her explaining the incident went viral in a very short time. People have been criticizing the bank and its employees. They are also demanding justice for the woman. The video is getting responses from the netizens.

As per the video, the woman’s cheque was seized by Citibank at Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd. She can be seen breaking into tears in the video while describing the incident. Currently, the investigation of the incident is ongoing. We hope that the woman will get justice as soon as possible and some strict action should be taken against the bank employee. If we will get any further information regarding the matter, we will update you immediately so stay tuned with us.