Survivor Season 42 Elimination This Week: Survivor Season 42 Voted Out Tonight? Online Vote Trends Revealed: If you are a fan of the famous reality show “Survivor 42” and are always keen to know more about the details of each and every episode then you are on the right page. The episode of this week of Survivor 42 had drama coming from all of the directions. Nature wrought devastation on the remaining pariahs, prompting a Survivor first as part of the challenge was actually stopped for the safety of the contestants. But we went from swells of water to fireworks at Tribal Council, as a tense tied vote direct to an open and disclosing discussion among a very divided tribe. Continue to read to know more information about the episode of tonight below and discover out who was voted out.

Survivor Season 42 Voted Out Tonight

Survivor Season 42 Elimination This Week

Jenny Kim got voted off. She thought that she was in a relatively safe position going into her 1st Tribal council, believing she had the votes of her partner, Mike, along with Chanelle and Daniel. But part of the problem was Chanelle and Mike both did not have votes.

Survivor Season 42 Elimination Tonight – Who is in Elimination in Survivor Season 42 this week – Survivor Season 42 Voted Out Tonight

However Chanelle tried to make a split vote to get Lydia out, the vote concluded up deadlocked between her and Jenny. When Hai faced the situation bravely, happy to go to rocks for his partner, Daniel changed his vote in order to avoid the random draw, sending Jenny out.

Survivor Season 42 Voted Out Tonight?

Maryanne discovers the “Beware Idol” for her tribe. However, Maryanne had the physical idol in his hands, it will only activate once the idols are discovered and asserted by the other 2 tribes. Till then, Maryanne is not able to vote at Tribal Council. Apart from that, Omar and Chanelle were both given a chance like in the premiere to safeguard or risk their next vote to get an extra vote. Sadly, they both risked their votes in the process.

The contestants Who Are Left In the Game on “Survivor 42”?

  • Tori Meehan
  • Chanelle Howell
  • Swati Goel
  • Daniel Strunk
  • Romeo Escobar
  • Drea Wheeler
  • Rocksroy Bailey
  • Hai Giang
  • Omar Zaheer
  • Jonathan Young
  • Mike Turner
  • Lindsay Dolashewich
  • Maryanne Oketch
  • Lydia Meredith

When Did Survivor Season 43 Begin?

CBS declared in the month of November 2021 that Survivor 42 will premiere on Wednesday, 9th of March 2022. Like season 41, season 42 has a 2-hour premiere.

When Is The Finale Of Survivor 42?

The finale date of Survivor 42 has not been declared. But if the season is expected to air 13 or 14 episodes like every other Survivor iteration expect to conclude in late May.