Recently, journalist Hassan Mugambi was accused of being caught on camera engaging in intimate acts with an unknown woman, sparking outrage across platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and other social media handles. If you want to know about Hassan Mugambi leaked video, this blog is for you.

Watch Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video

Now let’s take a closer look at Mugambi’s reputation, as Citizen TV’s role and journalistic ethics as a whole will impact Mugambi. Keep reading!

Watch Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video 

Who is Hassan Mugambi?

In the media industry, Hassan Mugambi is a respected figure within the industry for his talent as an investigative journalist who, over the years, has received multiple awards for his investigative reporting for Citizen TV. His dedication to uncovering the truth, exposing fraud, and exposing corruption has made him a highly respected journalist.

Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video

There has been a leaked video circulating on social media on Sunday, May 7, 2023, that shows Citizen TV Journalist Hassan Mugambi in an inappropriate position with an unidentified woman.

Moreover, the tweet includes a link to a video made by Edgar Obare, a controversial blogger who has spread information about this viral video having Mugambi.

There has been much discussion online about the widely distributed video showing Mugambi in an intimate position with the woman, which has sparked many rumours and discussions. As of now, it is not clear whether he appears in the video or not.

A lot of discussions have been generated on social media platforms as Kenyans share their disappointment and astonishment at the journalist’s reported behaviour. This video has gained enough attention as a result of Hassan Mugambi, and there are many people who are still curious about how the video got leaked and the identity of the woman in the video.

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What is the backstory of Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video?

The controversial blogger Edgar Obare received allegations of being a deadbeat father from someone close to Hassan Mugambi’s baby’s mother. Moreover, Sholla Adam has expressed his opinions regarding the leaked nude videos.

From the source, it is learned that, in spite of the fact that a DNA test proved that Mugambi was the father of the child, he refused to accept parental responsibility. Moreover, he was alleged to have had an affair with a friend of his baby’s mom, who sent an inappropriate picture of Mugambi to the baby’s mother to tease her.

However, Mugambi has not yet responded to these allegations. Still, people are expressing their disappointment on social media.

A number of people have called for stronger laws to punish revenge porners and to prohibit people from recording intimate moments and selling them to Obare or other influencers.