MTV Roadies which has launched yet another season is been talked about and is gaining audience attention by day by day. The gameplay has a number of couples who are asked to pay along with and opposite each other. They will be asked to perform tasks with their partner or opposite them with some other couple partner. Supposedly the host of this season is been replaced by the show and a new host is been introduced. Sonu Sood was been introduced in this season as the host of the show and it was quite surprising for the audience to watch a new host with new gameplay. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

MTV Roadies 30th April 2022 MTV Roadies 30th April 2022

MTV Roadies 30th April 2022

The show basically has a fair share of gameplay and at the end of the week, one of the players or one couple will be eliminated. Initially, before this season, the contestants were selected at the beginning of the show but this season had nothing like the other ones. This season did not showcase the selection of contestants. The season began with showing already known faces from either the TV industry or famous people. This season is the 18th season of the show is going on in South Africa. People who won the last few seasons and some fresh faces were seen on the show.

MTV Roadies Today’s Full Episode Written Update

This week is supposed to be a tough week for the players as their show is going through some main events and slowly reaching the point of the finale, players will be going through tough challenges and have to overcome the elimination round. The players will face their partners with the opposition and have to play against them. As they are playing against each other and with the partner of the opposition there will be new challenges, understandings, and management according to which the game has to be played. The players are supposed to compete and it is also said that there will be an elimination this week the twist that is

Thrown this week is, that players have to decide on a couple this week, a non-immune couple will be eliminated this weekend. The players to get eliminated can be your own partner, it depends upon which the majority decides. It is supposed that the person who gets eliminated will be Gaurav Alugh, but the guess is just by fans and the audience and there is no confirmation still. The official statement can be given when the show airs this weekend. This season had some promising events and gameplays including the host which is attracting the majority of the audience.

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