WATCH: Popo Trending Twitter Video Viral On TikTok, Reddit, and YouTube: The video-making app-TikTok has become the most popular app among users as it instantly provides entertainment to the audience. Several videos uploaded on this platform get viral on other social media platforms. One such video of a Tiktok user named Popo is currently trending and drawing huge attention. The name of the Tiktoker is Popo who became a hot topic of discussion among netizens as the content of his video makes users nervous. In the viral video, the pant of the Popo makes the users laugh at it. If you also want to know more information on this viral video then continue to read.

Popo Trending Twitter Video

Popo Trending Twitter Video

The existence of Popo Tiktok’s viral video has instantly become a trending top and became a subject of gossip for social media users throughout the country. For the video, the content creator who goes by the name is Popo Berbie instantly gave a clarification to calm the commotion on social media. The following information about Popo who is likely one of the content material creators within the community of Tiktok. He used to post many videos on his account and out of these videos one such is currently circulating and making everyone laugh on it. Later one of many contents went viral and was horrendous.

Who Is Popo Barbie And His Viral Video

Popo Barbie is a female-style male content material creator. The content material he posted at all times in order to catch the eye of the social media users. The viral video of Popo has to turn into probably the most horrendous information for the last few days. The reason is the content creator is watched carrying perforated panties and appears like an @n*s.

Automatically, the video content material immediately made Popo’s identity viral on several social media. Nevertheless, a few of them have gotten a hyperlink to notice the viral popo video. Based on the information making rounds, seemingly the video will not be within the TikTok account anymore. As per the information, the incident happened when Popo wore shorts and sat squatting till his @n*s was torn and his a*us got here out.

That is what made the content material creator Popo immediately viral on social media. The embarrassing incident was seemingly caught on digital camera and has to unfold to social media. Not wanting this incident to get extra excited and have a protracted tail, Popo Barbie instantly gave a clarification assessment.

Popo Clarifies Viral Video

Content material creator Popo Barbie immediately gave the appropriate reply and clarification to followers relating to the viral video on social media about torn panties. He accepted that he had not been actively the video was not his personal and never the one who posted the video.