Popo Tiktok’s viral video has recently become a hot topic of discussion for social media users because the pants he wears have holes and looks like that.

Now the existence of Popo Tiktok’s viral video has immediately become a trending topic and has become the subject of gossip for social media users throughout the country.

Watch Tiktok Popo Viral Videos:

For the video, Popo Berbie, who is a content creator, immediately gave a clarification to calm the commotion on social media.

The following is information about Popo who is one of the content creators in the Tiktok application. Later one of the contents went viral and was horrendous.

Popo Barbie is a female-style male content creator. The content he produces always attracts the attention of social media users.

So what content made Popo viral on Tiktok? Find the full answer by reading the article below so you don’t fail to understand.

Viral Popo Videos:

Popo’s viral video has become the most horrendous news for the past few days. The reason is, the content creator is seen wearing perforated panties and looks like an anus.

Spontaneously, the video content immediately made Popo’s name viral on various social media. However, some of them have gotten a link to watch the viral popo video.

According to news circulating, apparently, the video is not in the Tiktok account. Instead, on other social media, that was taken some time ago by the content creator.

According to information, the incident occurred when Popo wore shorts and sat squatting until his anus was torn and his anus came out.

That’s what made the content creator Popo immediately viral on social media. The embarrassing incident was apparently caught on camera and has spread to social media.

Not wanting this incident to get more excited and have a long tail, Popo Barbie immediately gave clarification on the viral video. Check out the clarification review below.


Popo Clarifies Viral Video:

Content creator Popo Barbie immediately gave the right of reply and clarification to fans regarding the viral video on social media about torn panties.

Popo admitted that he had not been actively playing Tiktok for a month. He also said that the video was not his own and not the one who uploaded the video.

While doing a live stream, Popo admitted that someone had told him to do a pose. He didn’t realize when he went live his pants were perforated and his anus was visible.

Then the clarification was that it was not him who spread the video. It is suspected that there are people who are not responsible for making the video viral.

Even so, Popo admitted that he was in the video. He admitted that he did not intentionally and did not do something like that on purpose.