WATCH: Sinan G Video Telefon Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, And, Instagram

WATCH: Sinan G Video Telefon Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, And, Instagram | Auf der Jagd ft. Haftbefehl: A popular German singer is currently hitting the internet and gaining everyone’s attention. Yes, you read right that the fan-favourite singer Sinan G is being searched by people on social media. Many people must be thinking that his fans are looking for him for his upcoming music album or some new projects but no, this time, the singer is in the headlines for one of his leaked videos on Twitter. Yes, a video of the singer has been going viral on Twitter and also surfacing on several social media platforms. Here, we have brought some essential details about the singer and his leaked videos.

Sinan G Video Telefon Leaked On Twitter

There are many video clips of the singer that have left the citizens shocked. In the video clips, the German singer Sinan G can be seen talking with a group of people who are talking about a murder. As soon as the video went viral online, it immediately emerged with huge attention on the internet. As a result, the man is reportedly behind the bars. After watching the video, people started expressing their anger towards the singer as they loved him so much and supported him but, this activity of him highly disappointed his fans.

Sinan G German Singer

Sinan G Video Explained

But since the video of him broke out, all his fans are upset with him and taking all their love and support back. However, the singer has not commented anything about the video and his silence on this matter is making the people more doubtful against him.

Apart from this, the video is making rounds all over the internet. Thousands of people have been watched the video and are expressing their reactions through social media platforms. The thoughts and love of the people for the singer have been changed now. They are waiting for his reaction to the video.

We would like to tell you that the video clips of the singer are shared by a Twitter user who goes by the username @Haftbefehl. The video was shared with the title of  Sinan-G | Auf der Jagd ft. Haftbefehl. There is music in the video which seems to be a collaboration of Sinan G and producer Tekashi 6ix9ine. However, the account has been suspended now for sharing inappropriate content on it but the video has gone viral and surfaced on the internet, and gained the attention of the netizens. Stay tuned with us for more updates.