What Is Pulp Pantry on Shark Tank? Who Found It? Founder Name, Cost & Everything You Need To Know About This Business!

Shark Tank is in trending coronavirus option on social media and the internet. Every second individual is talking about this show which premiers every Friday on the channel ABC. In the show, The young entrepreneurs and innovative brains of the generation come to pitch their business ideas for getting some funding. So here one more business idea is present in front of sharks in a recent episode. The name of the business is pulp pantry which is made by Kaitlin MOngentale. The module of this company is to convert fruit juice pulp into Healthy chips and snacks. We are here to help you and give you every possible detail about the pulp pantry, so stay tuned to Our article and get every update about this business idea with us. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

What Is Pulp Pantry on Shark Tank?

Many individuals get excited about this business idea because of this they are surfing on the Internet to get more information about this. Kaitlin MOngentale is said to be from Los Angeles California. She is a young entrepreneur have an idea for making this world better and healthy. Because of this, she has a mission to serve healthy snacks with fruit pulp. According to the information, Kaitlin MOngentale started her journey of making healthy snacks from fruit pulp When She watched her friend carrot juice. At the time she requested her friend for giving her that food pulp, Her friend had no idea what she gonna do with this.

Pulp Pantry on Shark Tank Founder Name

Kaitlin MOngentale takes that carrot pulp to her home. She get home and baked her first fruit pulp cookies. After she gets a good response and taste from her first cookie. She went to local fruit juice vendors and Stores for asking them for fruit pulp. The vendors and the shop caretaker usually for this leftover pulp so they decided to give it to Kaitlin MOngentale instead of throwing it in waste. This is the first time when she gets her idea for making more cookies and chips from leftover pulps of Fruit and Vegetables. You all will be able to see this on Shark tank 13 season episode number 22.

Pulp Pantry on Shark Tank Cost & More

Kaitlin started her journey as a business entrepreneur and she developed the pulp pantry business. She first started with some Kale pulp, chia seeds, and cassava. The aim of a business is to develop nutritious and healthy snack food for the world and individuals. The website of pulse factory writes some messages outside that they are on a mission to reduce food waste and save water. The company claimed that the chips and the cookies are free from gluten and grain there available in 4 different flavors sea salt, spicy Barbecue, salt and vinegar, and Jalapeno lime.

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