Where Is Wayne Jenkins Baltimore Police Now? ‘We Own This City’ True Story Explained: The netizens are presently looking to know about former Sergeant Wayne and searching about him. Seems like their search is finally over, the popular Television series “We Own This City” is back with the details of former Sergeant Wayne Jenkins. The actions of ex Baltimore police Sergeant Wayne Jenkins and his team of plan-clothed officers in the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) are explored in WOTC. The new true-crime drama on HBO stars Jon Bernthal as Jenkins, with the show examining the rise of Jenkins in the police department of the city and eventual detain after a 2-year federal probe into the GTTF. Keep on reading to get more information about Jenkins and where he is now.

Where Is Wayne Jenkins Baltimore Police Now?

Jenkins joined the police department of Baltimore in the year 2003, first becoming a beat cop and patrolling the streets of Baltimore. At the time of his time on the streets of Baltimore Jenkins was engaged in many apprehends that resulted in the wounds of the individuals he took into custody.

In Justin Fenton’s book “We Own This City” on which the HBO series is based, the Baltimore Sun reporter described that Jenkins would often be “caught in a lie” while giving proof to a jury, but no complaints were put on his record. For example, in the month of January 2006, Jenkins and Sergeant Michael Fries had a brawl with brothers Robert and Charles Lee after they continued to consume beer in the front of the home of their grandmother when the policemen had informed them to stop.

Wayne Jenkins Baltimore Police True Story Explained

At the time of the brawl, a passerby named George Sneed was attacked by officer Robert Cirello who broke his jaw, directing Sneed to sue. At the trial 4 years later, Jenkins and his fellow officers asserted that the witness had been throwing bottles at them, but security camera footage viewed at the trial proved what Jenkins asserted was not true.

Michael Pulver the attorney of Sneed finished, per Fenton that the officers had “fabricated this story to hide the fact that they intentionally attacked and falsely detained and imprisoned Mr. Sneed.” In the spite of this occurring more than once, Jenkins remained in the good books of superiors and when Fries was promoted in the year 2007 he decided to also give Jenkins a boost because he was “the best officer he had serving under his command.”

In the month of February 2017, Jenkins was charged with 2 counts of racketeering conspiracy; racketeering, aiding and abetting; racketeering; 2 counts of aiding and robbery and abetting; and 2 counts of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.