With so many musical tours for music lovers, we have the next one coming up from Demi Lovato. As earlier the pandemic put a break on all the possible events that were planned to happen. We got this year to be full-packed with musical tours and events. Hence this time we have the announcement for the Demi Lovato tour 2022. So, what can you expect from it?

Read ahead to know more about Demi Lovato tour 2022 and its other details.

Demi Lovato tour 2022 Release Date

2022 is literally making everyone be happy with most of the music artists coming back this year alongside their tours. Giving their fans a delightful event this year we have Demi Lovato too not staying behind in pleasing her fans. As such we have Demi bringing a tour supporting one of her new albums.

Well, if you are keen on knowing when this tour will take place then it starts on 13th August to last till 6th November this year. With South America and North America as the locations where the tour will take place. There are a lot of things to happen. Moreover, we do have updates on the tickets availability of the tour as well that you must check out.

What’s going to be special about Demi Lovato tour 2022?

Demi Lovato is all set to come with her sixth studio album that’s titled “Holy Fvck”. While this album is coming out on August 19th. We have the pre-order option available for the same via Demi Lovato’s website. Demi’s lead single Skin Of My Teeth is dropping on 10th June.

Additionally, to support Demi on her tour this year we will have Dead Sara and Royal & The Serpent joining in too. But surely you won’t see them on all dates but only a few. If that’s exciting you about Holy Fvck album and the tour of Demi this year. Then you must look for grab the tickets of it asap.

Tickets availability for Demi Lovato tour 2022

If you are finally up for taking up a pass or tickets for the Demi Lovato tour 2022. Then the sale for it is beginning at 1:00 am PT. Additionally, if you are confused about where to buy this.

Then you can visit the official website of Demi Lovato to know about the tickets and buy them. The price of the tickets would be available there. Further, the social media account of Demi is having the full details about the tour dates to check out. Which has the dates and venues too.

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