Who Hung The Shark At Ponte Vedra High School, All Details Explained!

We all know there are a lot of things that get into Trends all while section on social media on the internet. So here once again a prank video which is done by some teenage students gets viral everywhere. According to the information, it is said that the five students do a prank. In their prank, they hang a shark about a staircase in the Ponte Vedra High School which is situated in Florida. This case get into the eyes when some students of the school walked into that scare case where five students had the shark. the students get a very stinky smell. Many users are not searching for information about this prank on social media and internet networks. We are here to help you, Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Hung The Shark At Ponte Vedra High School

And give you every possible detail of this viral social media prank. source every update about the 5 students and the Shark prank. This incident is said to happen on 5th May 2022. Are surveillance video from the school is provided to the Sheriff in which it is clearly seen that the Shark is hung above the staircase of the school. As of now, this video is under investigation by the officials. So they are not going to release it soon for viewing. But as soon as the investigation is completed they will release the video for individuals to see

Dead Shark Hung At Ponte Vedra Pics

And add them not to do this type of prank act. According to our sources, the student who did this prank is recognized by the officials and the investigators. It is said that the fish and wildlife Commission also had their views on this case they also investigated with their offices this threatened incident. later that day, the Shark which is hung above the staircase in the school was removed by the official. Some strange thing is that it is a prank which is done by some seniors they hung the Shark above the staircase for making it like a mascot of the school.

A source get information from a student which studied in The school, She stated to the shows that it is a very huge shark. It is just in the area of the main courtyard. The spot where the Shark is hung is a very e major sport in the school from where every student and teacher go through. Another student stated that he was not able to believe his eyes. He said that he was going to the class for taking his first period and when he put his step onto the staircase and feels a very bad smell on the spot after that he sees a very big shark hanging above the staircase and at his first sight he just gets feared.

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