George Soros is a hot topic of debate among online users nowadays because they have been a controversy between him and the interior minister Süleyman Soylu. As he recently used the term Soros child for the chairman of the dominating party Umit Ozdag. A tweet was posted with these words and it left everybody shocked and immediately the scandal started. He was feeling really disrespected and there were some videotapes available where he can be seen saying didn’t you collect my Visa card payments. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

What Happened Between Them, Controversy Details Explained!

George Soros and Süleyman Soylu Controversy

And everybody is aware of this business and he should apologize in front of the nation for using those words. He is a very prominent figure in the Turkey politics and later OZdag sent a reply to the local news channels that no one will ever be able to take the place of this man and everybody should be respected. More and more politicians are interested in this scenario and they have their own opinions and support their sides. George is a Hungarian-born billionaire investor and philanthropist.

What Happened In Between George Soros and Süleyman Soylu?

And he was born on 12th August 1930 and is currently 91 years old he has American citizenship and he is investing and operating many funds. He has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Philosophy which he acquired in 1951 from the London School of Economics and then he also went for a master’s degree. It is really unfortunate that such individuals of high repetition in designation and doing such pretty things and the things will be clear in the future and we will be back with some more waiting stories.

There was a Press Conference by the party and there was no mention of this incident and don’t want to indulge in this controversy to how the repetition of their party and do not create stability in the organization. Many individuals on the Internet are creating hilarious jokes about this situation and among the Global crisis all over the world best stock markets are crashing these things are really negative and have a counter effect on the economy of a nation.

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