Who Is Edith Frayne and why was she arrested? Toronto Woman Off The Subway: The woman who pushed another woman near to her death has been apprehended by the state police.

The arrested woman is identified as Edith Frayne who is accused of pushing a woman on the rail tracks of Bloor Yonge Station. A video was circulating on the internet a few days back in which the arrested woman can be seen pushing another woman that nearly killed her but luckily the sufferer did not face any repercussions of it.

Now police department has made a fresh a development on this case. And we are here to share the latest update on this news. You are advised to stick with this page and read all the sections of this article as there are various questions to be answered regarding this viral incident.

Who Is Edith Frayne?

The most talked-about question regarding this incident is what was the bone of contention that led to Edith Frayne pushing the sufferer nearly to her death. However, there is no clear report on this aspect meanwhile it is also not known if the two women were known to each other prior to this or not. How did the police manage to track her and arrest her? Kindly look at the next section to learn about this.

Edith Frayne Arrested?

According to the source, Edith Frayne is a 45 years of age woman while the other party is 39 years of age. This incident took place at Bloor and Yonge subway station for no apparent motive. Furthermore, Edith Frayne fleed the scene after pushing her but she was captured in the surveillance cameras and that helped the police to identify her. After recognizing her police launched her image to get assistance from the public to capture her. Meanwhile, she was arrested on Monday 18th April 2022 around 6:18 PM. Keep reading this column to get further explanations and updates regarding the same headline.

Why was Edith Frayne Arrested?

Edith Frayne is scheduled to present in the court on 19th April 2022 Tuesday. The police department is yet to share the motive behind the pushing incident. However, the charges and crime will be decided by the Toronto Court on her first appearance on Tuesday. It is also possible that Edith Frayne may face an attempt to murder charges on Tuesday. Nevertheless, the sufferer was rushed to the nearby hospital for emergency aid but luckily she did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. Keep visiting our web page for more updates and information.