Who is Jagmeet Singh Wife Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu? Check NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh New Child Daughter Name, Wiki, Age Gap, Bio: For the first time, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has become a father to a baby daughter. Singh and his wife Gurkiran Kaur welcomed a newborn daughter into the world on Monday, according to a statement released on Thursday. The day before his daughter was born, Singh celebrated his 43rd birthday. Here’s the update on Jagmeet Singh’s wife and his newborn child.

Who is Jagmeet Singh?

Jagmeet Singh is an Indian politician. He is a member of Parliament and was born on January 2, 1979. He is a Canadian politician who has led the New Democratic Party (NDP) as its leader since 2017. Since 2019, Singh has served as the member of Parliament (MP) for Burnaby South. He was elected to the Ontario Legislative Assembly in 2011, representing Bramalea—Gore—Malton until his election to the federal government in 2015. Singh is an Indo-Canadian and a practising Sikh of Punjabi origin, making him the first noticeable minority to be chosen to lead a major federal political party in Canada.

Jagmeet Singh welcomes new baby girl in January 2022

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and his wife Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu have a new arrival to their family. He was gifted by a baby girl who was born on January 3rd. On Thursday, Singh shared the news on Instagram, writing that both mom and baby are doing well and that their “hearts are full with gratitude.” In February 2018. As of 2022, Singh was 43 years old and Sidhu was 31 when they got married.

Who is Jagmeet Singh Wife Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu?

Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu is a 31-year-old woman who was born on April 6, 1990. Her nationality is Indian, but many people are also interested in learning about her profession, which includes Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and Activism. English, French, and Punjabi are her preferred languages to communicate in. She is not her parents’ only child. She has a sibling who goes by the name Anupreet Kaur Sidhu.

Jagmeet Singh Wife Gurkiran Kaur Age Difference

The age gap between both of them is 11 years. She was born eleven years, three months, and four days after he was. Till then, stay tuned with us for more latest updates and news.