Hello everyone and a very interesting video are trending on the internet. Online users are constantly searching about Katumwa Deus who seems to be a girl posting various photographs and inappropriate images on Twitter and recently she committed a suicide attempt.

Who Is Katumwa Deus Video & Pics Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, Full Porta Potty Dubai Scandal Leaked!

She is the very same girl who is involved in the controversy of the videos coming from Dubai in the form of a porta-potty. For those who don’t know the reality behind these videos, we would like to say that some girls are being paid millions of dollars.

Who Is Katumwa Deus Video & Pics Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, Full Porta Potty Dubai Scandal Leaked!

Who Is Katumwa Deus?

To have an s*x with the men and they have been getting luxurious items in return. Police are investigating this matter. The videos are not trending on the Internet and now that this horrible news arrived the online users are really curious to know about the latest updates regarding the health of this young woman. So reportedly some videos are available in which we can see that a girl is jumping off from our building and the reason behind that is still questionable.


Katumwa Deus Video & Pics Viral Leaked

But some experts are saying that she committed the incident because of the depression and mental illness she was having because of the work she was doing and she gained a lot of attention and now everybody is expressing their support for the female. They really want to end this horrible situation that is going on in Dubai and arrest those men who have been oppressing the woman. But on the other hand, It is the choice of females who are doing the work willingly.

Katumwa Deus Dubai Porta Potty Scandal

We are living in a really weird world where there are no morals and ethics. It is really unfortunate for all of us that she did that devastating step and we don’t have any information regarding her health status update and there has been no information revealed by her family or authorities in the region. We don’t have any information available regarding their relationship status. Being paid for having sex with men but some of them are even making videos while they are having sex with dogs which is really harmful and inhuman Video should be taken down from the internet as soon as possible as it may have negative effects on teenagers.