After a very long, once again Mohamedou Ould Slahi is remaining the subject of hot discussion among everyone, especially those, who are keeping their eyes on each activity of him as he was maintaining the limelight for a very long.

Who Is Mohamedou Ould Slahi? Why Is He Sued Canada For $35 Million?

But this time, the matter is a bit different which became the cause of his lifetime arrest, as all evidence has been proven accurate against him as he was one among those who executed the tragedy of 9/11. Now strict actions are being taken by the concerned authorities against him, so below you could get the comprehensive details along with some shocking facts.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Mohammed Ould Slahi is a prime suspect of the 9/11 attack who was tortured and imprisoned for 14 years in Guantanamo Bay, considered a member of the Al-Qaida group. Therefore, on the basis of the old record of the group the further proceeding bright ahead and hence, now he is facing imprisonment. Amidst all these, many shocking facts are also coming out which are overturning the entire story of the scene therefore, still, the concerned authorities are looking ahead to make themselves familiar with more, so that, they could not be ignorant of any crucial update.

Who Is Mohammed Ould Slahi?

Reportedly, Mohammed Ould Slahi was born in Rosso, Mauritania on 21st December 1970, and according to the calendar now he is 51-year-old, in the early 90s he married his lover and was blessed with a child. But unfortunately, his involvement overturned everything upside down, as his imprisonment was held for a very long initially for a short time period but this time around 14 years he has been sent behind the bars. Besides all these, still, the investigations bringing ahead to fetch out further pieces of information which are remaining unknown from the eyes of everyone.

So here, we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the other significant sources and therefore, still a few are pending to be revealed. As the reports are delivered ahead, therefore, you will have to wait a bit ahead to get more because our team is also looking ahead to grab more so that, we could confer the details ahead. But if you want to get a bit deeper about him so you could search for him as well on internet sites as many articles are making the huge rounds there, and when we will get more we will update you so stay tuned with us.