Sonny Leon is a Venezuelan, who is been searched on the internet a lot, because of his debut in Kentucky Debry. Sonny has been a tough competition for others this year. He has made a sensational debut with his horse-riding skills and made history with his performance, in Kentucky Debry. Sonny Leon has been in this field for years now, and also competed and played against many other well-known players in many competitions. He won many competitions but not at high levels. He competed with high-profile riders as well. But he never rode in Kentucky Debry, this was his debut match and he killed it during the match. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Sonny Leon? Kentucky Debry Winner Rich Strike Wife – Age Instagram Family & More!

Who Is Sonny Leon?

Kentucky Debry is a horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky of United States. It is an annual event held every year on the first Sunday of May. This year as well the riding competition was held on the first Sunday of May. The rich strike is the horse that has not been considered as fast as the others are in the riding event. But surprisingly it came out the opposite this year. He was fast enough to overcome other horses and that too compete with them. Sonny Leon was the one who rode this horse this year. Sonny wasn’t very open to media when it comes to his personal life. He hasn’t given out any public statements about his relationships or his wife.


Rich Strike Wife Sonny Leon – Age, Instagram & Family

There are predictions that he is married but the matter isn’t publicly given out or declared by the rider himself. When the horse almost reached the end, people were shocked to see his victory Rich with Sonny as his rider. The victory was quite unexpected. Many said that didn’t expect Sonny and Rich to be the winners of the match. Sonny said that he closed his eyes when Rich was near the finish line. He thought to himself that this was the moment. He also said later that he knew Rich was kind of Lazy,

Sonny Leon – Wikipedia, Biography & Career

So he pushed and rode the horse in a way to make the horse comfortable with him. This victory has bought sonny into the limelight. His trainer as well as happy with the victory. Sonny was the second man from Venezuela to win the Kentucky Debry. People who watched the match on-screen and off-screen commented saying that the victory was unexpected, for some people the win was saddening and some were happy to see Rich win the match finally. This match was Sonny’s debut in the Kentucky Debry.

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