Who is Zmarzy? Video Getting Viral- Scandal Explored. Recently a horrific video is getting viral on social media that is attracting the public eye in huge numbers.

The name of the video is Zmarzy leaked video which has made everyone stunned. You might be aware of the situation of Afghanistan after the Taliban took its charge.

Who is Zmarzy? Video Getting Viral- Scandal Explored

The content of the Zmarzy leaked video shows the terrible state of affairs in Afghanistan. everything is managed by the Taliban and the law is also imposed by it across the country.

The control of the presidential office and other authorities of the country is under the control of the Taliban.

It is believed that the video shows the executed nightmare of people facing the deadliest situation in Afghanistan.

If you want to know about this viral video you have to read the article till the end. We will help you To understand who is the Zmarzy and what is the leaked scandal all about.

Content Of The Video:

Social media is receiving huge responses from the users on this video. All the footwear and stuff are destroyed. As per sources, the condition of the country is such that “buildings are shattered.

The entrance becomes falter on account of reliance on sway. The tourism department has been badly affected, emergency assists, with entirely changed enhancement functions.”

Some of the other sectors such as media and monetary system have been considered to be a professional goal.

People who viewed the video are stunned after seeing such destruction in the country and they are also scared.

What is Zmarzy Video?

As per sources, the intelligence division investigation team has identified the Zmaray who returned to his crowded households all via the Khwaja Bughra area, after he tried to help Afghanistan from being destructed.

The household belongs to Nejrab someplace Which is located in some different area. As per the reports, that area is positioned at some 65 miles and the person lived in Peshawar.

Every detail is proven in this video uploaded on Twitter shared by a person named Zamrzy, who tried to grab the attention of viewers to the main motive of the video.

The content of the video is showing some of the havoc currently going on in the country. The people represented in the video are requesting and crying to rescue the woman who was barricaded from going to public places.

The number of people who were stuck in that house was officials working for many international authorities before the chaos started in the country.

Now they are hoping for positive news of their selection and safely visiting the airport equipped with the crew.