Candy Montgomery who was a murderer back in the 80s, whose story is now been taken into consideration, and two different shows will execute the story of the Woman. We can judge who depicted the true story and made the audience feel the terror. Who was the woman and why did she commit the murder? We will provide you with all the details about that. Candy was a regular housewife who was living a happy life with her family. She lived with her husband and their two children in Fairview. She was accused of killing her best friend with an ax when she found out about the affair going on between them. She was 30 when she committed the murder. Now two different platforms Hulu and HBO max are going to premiere the same story. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Candy Montgomery? What Happened To Her, Where is She Now, Documentary, Family & More!

Who Was Candy Montgomery?

Its been 42 years since the crime happened and people are now keen to know about the case as two big platforms are premiering the story. Candy was friends with a primary school teacher Betty Gore. Both became good friends in no time, they used to sing together, visit church together, and soon became family friends. The clash between the two started when candy had an affair with Gore’s husband. The affair was about a year ago before the crime was committed. The incident took place when candy went to Gore’s house to pick up a swimsuit for Gore’s daughter, as both of their children were having a sleepover. When she reached Gore’s house, they both had a conversation that ultimately ended up being physical.

What Happened To Candy Montgomery?

During the trial, it came out that Gores was eventually attacked by candy. They both were having a fight and it ended up in Gore’s death. Candy’s attorney said that she was going through some mental disorders and that she did it all in her self-defense. Candy also gave out a statement that after killing Gore, she stood back and saw herself covered in blood. She felt guilty and ashamed of what she did. Gore’s body was found a day later after the murder, in a room with blood everywhere.

Where Is Candy Montgomery Now?

She was stabbed 41 times with the ax. According to medical reports, the deceased was stabbed even after death and the maximum of them was after death. Surprisingly candy was found guilty free, and after the trials, she relocated with her family to another place. More interestingly, two shows will be aired on this crime namely HBO will air it in the name Love and Death, although the release date is still not mentioned. And the other will be premiered as Candy by Hulu. On Hulu, the show is ready to premiere on the 9th of May, 2022.

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