A case that occurred in the year 2020, is now reopened due to the person that was missing was finally found. Chelsea Poorman went missing more than two years ago and now after so long her body is found in an empty house. The body was found on the 22nd of April this year. Chelsea went missing from her house party, and her sister was the last person to see her. After two years of not being able to contact her, the family members filed a missing complaint. The police officials hoped that Chelsea was still alive but after finding out that she was dead, they were really saddened and viewed their condolences to the family. The dead body of Chelsea was found in an empty house in Vancouver, as reported by the police. The space was emptied for construction purposes and then the body was found by the workers. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Chelsea Poorman Dead Body Found At Vancouver Home After Missing, Family, Age & More!

Who Was Chelsea Poorman?

The discovery took place in Granville Street, West 37th Avenue. Investigations were held on the spot and it came out that Chelsea was dead at the same she was found dead. But as the place was empty for years the body was not noticed until now. When the work was resumed the body was found and was reported immediately. Police officials said that the body was found in the backyard and the greenery was overgrown, so that also might be the reason that the body wasn’t found. Chelsea was a happy and cherishing girl who loved her family and friends.

Chelsea Poorman Dead Body Found In Vancouver

When she went missing her mother and her friends initiated a campaign to find her, as she didn’t have faith in the police investigation. It is also being said that she hired a private detective to find her daughter. Her mother had an injury on the brain due to which she might have behaved like so, as per sources. According to her mother, the police officials didn’t release any information about her going missing even after 10 days of the report being filed, so she took it into her own hands.

Chelsea Poorman: Wikipedia & Biography

But later police released a public notification asking for people’s help and said to report f they find her anywhere in any condition. According to her sister, she was the kindest person, happy, soulful, and funny. Police did everything to find her alive, they also were afraid for her life as her disappearance was all of a sudden. According to sources, her body had nothing to look after or to investigate, and hence there is no evidence of what actually happened. But if there is any update then we will be updated.

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