Who was David Barber and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “World-renowned Manitoba Arctic researcher” passes away: One more death news is breaking the hearts of thousands of people. With a heavy heart, we are sharing the passing news of World-renowned University of Manitoba researcher and academic David Barber worldwide known for his accomplishments in Arctic research and climate science. His death news is reported on Friday, 15th of April 2022. His passing news is officially confirmed by the University of Manitoba which also mentioned the cause of his sudden demise. Ever since his students and loved ones get to know the news of his death they are sending condolences to his grieving family.

David Barber Death cause

A statement from the University of Manitoba, where Barber taught since the year 1993 and held the Canada Research Chair in Arctic-System science stated Barber passed away due to complications from a heart attack. “David was a visionary researcher along with a passion for the Arctic, a scholar who had an entrepreneurial spirit, and a generous pal and mentor, ” reads a statement from the co-workers at the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS).

How did David Barber die?

“He has touched the lives of countless people and will be missed greatly. Our condolences and thoughts are with his family, and with all who knew him.” Barber was a significant force in Arctic system science and climate change research for over thirty years. Author of multiple academic studies and publications, he is known for his research on snow over sea ice and how changes in sea ice impact human and natural systems within and outside of Arctic regions.

Who was David Barber?

Throughout his academic career, researcher Barber earned several notable distinctions, including Officer of the Order of Canada, a title awarded in the year 2016. Barber’s “efforts have direct to the establishment of the marine research center in northern Manitoba and have expanded the capacity of Canada to detect and mitigate transportation-related containment spills,” reads an excerpt from the office of Governor-General.

After the departure of Barber, he left behind his wife, 3 children, and step-grandson as per the University of Manitoba. An event honouring the life of Barber will be conducted at the Univerisity of Manitoba on Saturday, 23rd of April 2022. May God give rest to his soul and huge strength to his family to deal with this situation.