Who was Kyle Richards’s Friend Maureen Shea and what was her cause of death?: It was sad to announce to you that Lorene Shea has officially dead. Her friend Kyle Richards confirmed this news and also says, she died on May 1, 2022.  The death cause of her was suffering from a mental illness. It was unknown which type of illness she is facing. This news has broken many hearts especially his family and his fans. They can’t believe that she was dead. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Kyle Richards’s Friend Maureen Shea and what was her cause of death?

Who was Kyle Richards’s Friend Maureen Shea?

Her long-time friend shares her last photo in which both have been seen together. Both share beautiful memories on social media. And both are very close to each other and share everything. They have been together since she was seven years old. Both have good relations between them. Sometimes, people say they are not just friends. They are real sisters. When they hear that, they just pass a smile.

Lorene spent 34 years working in the California Forest Service. She was good at working. And whatever she does, she will do it wholeheartedly. She was a nice, good-looking, and gorgeous girl. People were very impressed with her skills and her performance. Whenever she tries to go into any field, she first thinks about it and then decides whether she was fully comfortable pursuing the field or not.

Her best friend Kyle helped her in every phase of her life. She always helped her in any kind of situation. No matter whether the situation is big or small. She will be ready at any time to stand behind her if any serious problem will come into her life. Both go on trips, and vacations to spend some time together and both enjoy it.

Kyle Richards’s Friend Maureen Shea’s Death Cause

As we already mentioned earlier, she died because of mental illness. But some people were claiming that she committed suicide. There is no chance that she will commit suicide. Her best friend knew her and she never took that decision. In fact, she was not afraid of any situation. She was strong enough to tackle any kind of situation. Her friend was the one who claimed that her death cause was mental illness. And she was getting treatment. But unfortunately, she lost the war and can’t be survived. Our sincere condolences are always with her. Hopefully, wherever she goes, may her soul rest in peace.

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