Video footage of Olympic Gold medalist Olga Korbut has gone viral after a clip of her showcasing her banned move, the dead loop, in competition resurfaced. The ‘death loop,’ also known as the Korbut Flip, was forbidden due to the high level of risk involved in Gymnastics.

Why is Ogla Korbut dead loop Banned in Gymnastics? Video Goes Viral:

Standing on a high bar, performing a backflip, then re-grasping the bar was how the dead loop was done. Olga, who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1972 Munich Olympics, was the first and last person to do so.

On January 15, the 34-second clip began circulating on social media and has been viewed over 2 million times on Twitter.

The following day, the footage was posted on Reddit by user u/PumpedPrivacy, and has so far received over 145,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments.

The caption for the post was,

“1972. The banned “Dead Loop” of Olga Korbut.”

What is Ogla Korbut in gymnastics games?

A gymnastics girl Olga is very famous for herself in gymnastics by showing off her incredible talent and skills in the game.

The move consists of standing on the high bar, executing a backflip and grasping the bar again.

The move was banned from gymnastics and never performed in a high-level formal competition again due to the immense risk involved in its execution.

Since then, it is the focus of attention as viewers cannot stop talking about it as they are impressed with how easily Olga managed to carry out a difficult flip in very easy manners.

Korbut’s routine received praise and admiration for the difficulty and precession she displayed, most notably for her ability to perform the “dead loop” move, alternatively known as the Korbut flip, that was later banned.

Watch “Olga Korbut Dead Loop video” showed Korbut, who represented the Soviet Union, performing an uneven bars gymnastic routine from the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Why was Ogla Korbut banned from gymnastics games?

Recently, a video of her performing the ‘dead loop,’ which is also known as Korbut flip, went viral on social media.

With the video of Olga Korbut doing the dead loop going viral, we explain what it is and why is it banned in gymnastics

Over the years, Olga Korbut has gone on to take her place in gymnastics folklore. Her sprawling skill set has seen her be regarded as one of the finest gymnasts to have made her presence felt on the global stage with one of their sequences.

The dead loop is also known as the Korbut flip recently went viral on social media platforms.

Despite it being regarded as one of the most tiresome and threatening tricks in gymnastics, the grace and ease with which Korbut pulled it off left people awed.

However, the dead loop somersault has been banned owing to the huge level of risk needed to pull it off cleanly.

The dead loop which is performed by standing on a high bar and then executing a backflip before grabbing the bar again was performed by Olga of the Soviet Union at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

It was the first and last time the trick was documented at the global level with it being subsequently banned.

For her performance, Korbut received a 9.8 out of 10 and she quickly became recognized across the world. According to a 2017 report by the Associated Press, Korbut said she was not prepared to become a celebrity overnight.

“I came unknown to the Olympic Games and overnight people make me famous,” she said.

“I wasn’t prepared for that, but it was funny when I came to the store with my money, they would give it to me for free.”

Korbut is believed to now live in Arizona and, while speaking to Associated Press, highlighted the difficulties she has faced as a gymnastic coach following competition retirement.

She highlighted that some students did not appear to be as motivated as she would have liked, and she was then forced to switch her teaching style.

“In the first, I saw that maybe they didn’t want to do it, maybe their parents pushed them in it,” she said.

“But I do my classes very differently, to not push them, but invite them into this world.

“I would show them my medals and tell them that it’s not very hard if you love to do that.

“I show them and teach them to be in love with gymnastics.”

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Why did Olga Korbut sell her medals?

Korbut also faced questions on her financial situation when she auctioned off her Olympic medals in 2017.
On the topic, she said: “This is Olympic history and I would like to share it with the whole world.

“They helped make it history and make it live forever. This is how I wanted to share with the people.”

Korbut said after the auction she would go back to her peaceful life. Selling her medals and trophies through a U.S. auction house, she received around $333,500.

Werner had denied the claims saying,

“She is doing well financially. She just wants to pass the medals on to people who will enjoy them, celebrate their achievements, things like that.”