Ishowspeed, an Ohio rapper and YouTuber, was apprehended by the police while streaming on his channel. When he prank-called the police, he gave them the wrong address, so he was amused to see them at his door.

Why was ishowspeed arrested? What just happend?

He is highly known for playing a number of games while live streaming, such as NBA 2K, Among Us, and Fortnite.Online content producer Speed, often known as Speed, is well-known for the NBA 2K gameplays and teachings he posts to his IshowSpeed YouTube channel.

He has over 10 million platform subscribers as a result of his videos. Watkins, also known as “iShowSpeed,” a native of Ohio and a popular YouTube streamer, has a bad reputation due to his harsh comments made while doing so.

His latest news coverage has once again been for completely wrong reasons. His channel has expanded since he first started it in 2016 as a result of his consistent videos about difficulty and humour.

Ohio Police Arrested Ishowspeed During live streaming

Live on tape, Cincinnati police handcuffed Ishowspeed, actual name Darren Watkins Jr. In front of his audience, he was taken into custody by the police. His friend attempted to record the cops removing him, but was told to put the camera down.

He misled the authorities with his troll call, but he was nevertheless amused to see them at his house. Ahead of the cops arriving at his house, he broke his Play Station 4 on the live broadcast. On YouTube, he has a following of almost 10.5 million people.

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Everything started when he called the cops on the phone in an attempt to get permission to burn his video game. The first time he’s been apprehended, though, might be now. It was previously rumoured that he had been arrested. But it was merely a hoax at the time.

Prison Time Resulted From The Ishowspeed Swatting Prank Call

Ishowspeed dialled a false number and pretended to be hurt and having difficulties breathing. The result was that the police swatted him.

He made the prank call in front of his followers on the live stream, therefore he soon received a swatting for it. .He threatened to sabotage his PS-4, and that’s when it all started. The lid was constructed of hard plastic and did not ignite when he tried to fire it inside his room.

He made a call to the police and inquired as to whether he might burn his video game as a result.

Only in a safe location could he do so in his capacity as a 911 responder. The online streamer tried to set fire to his PlayStation once more, and as it started to burn, he began shouting and teasing the police, saying he was hurt and having difficulties breathing. They had been invited to come as soon as they could.