Rady Johnson Arrested: Why was Rady Johnson Arrested? Charges Explained: A shocking wave is blowing on the internet since the arrest news of Rady Johnson broke out. People have been stunned after listening to this news. Rady Johnson is the executive VP of Pfizer but he is facing some serious allegations. This news was first published by VancouverTimes and after VancouverTimes many independent Twitter users and pages posted the same. Since the news of Rady Johnson’s arrest broke out people are questioning his arrest. There are a number of questions that are still to be answered. Here we have given answers probably to every question. So you are advised to stick with this page and must follow every section of this page. Scroll down the page and start learning about this trending news. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Why was Rady Johnson Arrested? Charges Explained

Rady Johnson Arrested

As per the source, Rady Johnson has been taken into custody and he is being questioned by special officers as he is accused of multiple frauds. What are the charges that he is facing right now by federal agents? Sources reported that police arrested him on the heels of thousands of classified documents being released from Pfizer. The leak of the documents increased the risk of the experimental vaccine. However, the official report of the charges is yet to come out.

Why was Rady Johnson Arrested?

As per the reports, Rady Johnson is still in jail and he is still waiting for the bail orders from the court. Moreover, he is yet to face courtroom trials, rumors are claiming that if he will be found guilty in this fraudulent case then he could face a life sentence. But things still can go in favor of Rady Johnson as he has not been convicted yet. The news of Rady Johnson’s arrest took no significant time to get into trending topics on the internet. Meanwhile, a hashtag also trending on the internet is #pfizerdocuments. Kindly shift to the next section to learn more about this news.

As per the documents released from Pfizer it has been discovered that more than 1200 people have handed their lives after getting the shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Moreover, it also has been reported that people lost their lives within 28 days after taking the jab of the Pfizer vaccine. While reports also claimed that during the trials of the vaccines all the animals were also dead. Stay tuned to this page for further developments and updates.

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