Wood Sitting On Bed Meme Explained: The Story Behind The Viral Trend: A meme that went viral back in 2012 is gaining limelight once again in March 2022, we are talking about Wood Sitting On Bed meme which is also known as Big Barry. The aforementioned meme is being resurfaced on social media platforms once again. The people who have no knowledge regarding this meme and want to learn what about it is and why people are showing their great interest in this meme and what is the origin of this meme? All these questions will be answered in the following sections of this article. You have to look at the below-placed sections of this article to learn the story behind the aforementioned meme.

Wood Sitting On Bed Meme Explained: The Story Behind The Viral Trend

Wood Sitting On Bed Meme Explained

You may have heard something about this meme but by reading down the sections you will be definitely educated on this trending meme material. The meme is about a naked man who is sitting on the bed and exploiting his genitals. Since this meme has come into the trend of social media people want to know who is the man in this explicit photo and where did this picture originate? Go down the page and explore the further section of this page.

The man who can be seen in the picture is an American football coach and preacher whose name was Wardy Joubert but he is no more alive as he died in 2016 after suffering a heart stroke due to which he could not live for more than 45 years of age. He was born in San Fransisco and he was often called Wood by the people who were known to him and he was fond of playing football. Due to his flare to play football he became a deacon and coach in San Fransisco at St. Paul Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Later he chose to earn extra money by taking erotic photos of himself for Pantheon Productions a gay adult film site. The photo which is going viral on social media was taken back in 2010 when he did a naked photoshoot while sitting on a bed. And that photo became viral on the internet because his nether region was edited to show it bigger in image just for sake of fun by an internet user. Initially, it was started from small social media platforms such as 4chan and Reddit but later it became a sensational mem material on every social media platform. That’s it on this topic kindly stay tuned with us for more such news.