Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination This Week 6 – 12th March 2022: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil? Final Vote Result Revealed: The digital version of Tamil Bigg Boss titled “Bigg Boss Ultimate” is going on extremely well right now. Every week, the show is coming up with huge twists and turns, drama, and so on. All the fans are excitingly following the show. The participants are successfully entertaining the viewers with huge drama and fights. It is the sixth week of the show and today is the weekend, all the viewers are curious to know who will be eliminated this week. Several fans are searching for getting the details about Bigg Boss Ultimate’s elimination for this week. Let’s have a look at the highlights of the upcoming episode.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination This Week 6: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil? Final Vote Result Revealed

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

As we told you above that it is the sixth week of the Bigg Boss Ultimate in which we have seen lots of fights, drama, arguments, and twists & turns. The participants of the show have performed several tasks to get immunity and keep their place in the show.

Some contestants were also seen involved in several fights and arguments with other contestants. All the contestants are doing great in the show, however, there are four contestants who are nominated for eliminations this week including Snehan, Balaji, Suruthih, and Julie and they are stressed about the eliminations.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination week 6 – Who is in Elimination in Bigg Boss Ultimate this week – Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

So, as per the voting results, Snehan is in a danger zone as she has got fewer votes among other nominated contestants.

However, the mentioned voting results are not officially released. But we can speculate the result with these voting results. Apart from this, it seems like Balaji and Julie are safe for this week. However, there are no confirmation has come regarding the elimination yet.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominated Contestants List

Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominated Contestants for this week.

  1. Julie
  2. Suruthi
  3. Snehan
  4. Balaji

Well, the weekend episode is going to air tonight, and the host Kamal Hassan will appear taking the class of the contestants. He is going to talk about his behavior throughout the week. As of now, six contestants have been evicted from the show. The viewers are excited about this week’s elimination as the show is coming close to its end after every passing week. The show is getting immense popularity and response from the viewers. Bigg Boss Ultimate Season 1 has been streaming only on the Disney+ Hotstar app. Keep watching the show to know more details about it.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Final Voting Results For 6th Week

Bigg Boss Ultimate Online Voting Results for this week

  • Balaji- 47.70% (363 votes)
  • Suruthi- 19.45% (148 votes)
  • Julie- 20.89% (159 votes)
  • Snehan- 11.96% (91 votes)

Bigg Boss Ultimate is in the sixth week, the competition of the show is ap high as all the housemates are giving their best to that show. They are doing all the possible things by indulging in the challenges, fights, and heated arguments. In tonight’s episode, we will be going to be seen that the participants are giving their best in the task.   This is at the sixth season, contestants are trying so hard to get more votes at their name. In the next upcoming episode there will be elimination so stay tuned to get the name of the confined contestant.

As per the above voting listing list, we can see that the Bala is the one who will be safe from the elimination this time. Julie is in the second position and is also safe from the danger zone. While Suruthi and Snehan are both on the bottom line. But still, there is no surety who will be going to be out from the show on the elimination night.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Voting Results  – 12th March

The sixth elimination is bringing a fight between teg two most deserving contestants, Snehan and Sututhi. Whereas we will also see that Surithi is attempting to get the or play her woman card which has been a bit in aginst for her. As an audience, these days are smart enough to understand that this is just the way to get the attention of the audience. And she was doing so when she has to be performed the task against Bala.

While there will be a luxury budget on the show the most impatient thing is the safety of all the nominated participants. Everyone is seen giving their best performance in the tasks so that they can win the opportunity for their team. But if we talk about the performance of Thamatrai and Suresh, they might not be going to be seen best in this task and this might be due to their some strategies. Suruthi is the one who is at the bottom of the voting trend. Stay tuned with us for more updates.