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Yung Gravy Leaked Video by bartholomew 0794 Twitter

Last night, a video of Bartholomew 0794 surfaced on Twitter. The footage, which was reportedly filmed on a phone, shows the businessman in what appears to be an argument with an unseen person. While the audio is mostly inaudible, it’s clear that Bartholomew is angry and shouting. The video ends abruptly, and it’s unclear what happened after the recording stopped. This morning, Bartholomew’s team released a statement saying that the video was private and should not have been leaked.

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Bartholomew 0794 Twitter and Yung Gravy Tape

Bartholomew 0794 is a Chicago-based artist who has been making a name for himself on social media. Recently, a video of him and Yung Gravy surfaced on Twitter, and it’s been making waves online. In the video, the two artists are in a studio session and Bartholomew can be seen freestyling while Yung Gravy provides the beat. The video is impressive and has people talking about Bartholomew’s talent.

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