Chienna Filomeno is a Philippine actress who is getting into mess with the Netizens. The actress apart from her acting career also is a model and an Instagram star. The actress works for the Kapamilya channel in the philippine. Recently she was threatened by some netizens and was asked to release a video of herself, which is questionable. The actress was threatened by a lgbtquu and was asked to release a video of herself with hashtag member Zeus. Zeus is a hashtag member which is an all-male dance group. A wild accusation was released against the actress and was said by the threatener that they saw what happened in the parking lot of ABS-CBN. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

ZEUS SCANDAL VIDEO WITH CHIENNA FILOMENO Leaked & Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit!

Zeus Video Scandal With Chienna Filomeno

Threateners revealed and threatened the actress and said that they knew what incident took place with her in the parking lot of ABS-CBN, along with Zeus. As every star has their fans, and if they support the stars don’t have to worry about anything, Chienna also was held out of the situation by her fans. Her fans came ahead and took the situation into their hand. Her fans mocked the threatener and said to show her face if she has got the guts and dared to speak up. The actress has a strong following of over 2 million on her Instagram page. She is a cosplayer as well. she is also fond of racecar driving.


Zeus Video Scandal With Chienna Filomeno Leaked & Viral

Although the actress and Zeus belong to similar different professions, they are connected together based on a video, a leaked video indeed. Yes, a CCTV video was leaked on the internet, and a rumor was created after the release of the video. The video had nothing but the two spending time together, in a car. This video was circulated all over the internet and gained a lot of attention from both of their fans. Similarly, as Chienna is famous, Zeus Collins is also known for his singing and dancing skills in Tv shows.

Who Are Zeus & Chienna Filomeno?

The two were shipped as the video was taken wrong by many people. Stardom leads them into the battle, as any common person won’t get so much attention. Although she was saved this time by her fans, she might get more threats for just sitting with Zeus in a car. Every other star gets hated for being spotted with other stars. And if their fans get angry, surely someone off-minded will take a step like what happened with Kapamilya actress, Chienna.

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