4 Persons Dead In Accident

Labone Junction Car Accident: 4 Persons Dead In Accident: A couple of days back we heard the news of an accident that took place at Labone Junction and today we again have been reported regarding the accident. There has been a development in the investigation of this car accident. According to the police, they have found a surveillance video in which the involved car can be seen. There were many speculations being made by people regarding this accident but now all speculations have been thrashed as the video proof of the accident has been found. Let’s find out what is in the video and what happened just before the accident. In this article, we have discussed a lot of information regarding this topic so you are advised to follow it till the last and keep reading it. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Labone Junction Car Accident

If you have not heard about this accident then we tell you that a gory accident was reported on 2nd May 2022  Monday’s early hours. In that accident, a black Range Rover was involved. When this accident was reported then people were speculating different theories regarding this accident. This accident was a matter of Labone Junction. Kindly look at the next section to learn what is in the video and what the police reported.

According to the reports, a closed-circuit television clip has been recovered by the police. The CCTV footage gave the information about the horrifying gory accident that occurred on Monday. The video is the proof of the accident in which a black Range Rover can be seen veering off the road and uncontrolled. The CCTV footage revealed that the car veered off the road and hit the billboard due to which the seat occupants sustained severe injuries. Who were the passengers in the car? There is still a lot more to know in this article. Kindly look at the following section.

According to Ghana police, there were four fellows in the car at the time of the accident. The four occupants comprise, a lady and three gents. All four occupants of the black Range Rover gained severe injuries. However, the four have been rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. But the Ghana Police has not shared any information about the victims and the medical reports of the victims are also yet to be released. But it has been confirmed that there was no other car involved in the accident. Stay tuned to this page.

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