WATCH: Dave Chappelle Tackle Attack Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A piece of news became viral on the internet that Comedian Dave Chappell was hunted and beaten by a man on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles during Netflix’s inaugural live comedy festival. Dave Chappelle Tackle Attack Video Shows an unidentified person arguing about something on the stage floor. Later on, their argument turns into anger and both started fighting each other. When he was done fighting, the person runs away behind the screen, and security guards will lose to catch him. Follow More Update On

Dave Chappelle Tackle Attack Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Dave Chappelle Tackle Attack Video

Dave wanted to take that man back and wanted to fight him again. The unknown man has a knife in his hands and many people were shocked. They are wondering how he passes from the machines who detect the knife, and guns. It means he came from the other away where the security guards don’t aware of this. Cops have started their investigation and they wanted to know each and everything about the man. Meanwhile, Dave joked to the audience that the subject was a transgender man. And he was criticized for this by the transgender community.

Dave Chappelle Tackle Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram

There is a video that was recently uploaded on the internet where a man was seen with the injuries and taking him to the hospital. Many reporters were trying to take interview him because cops and other officials were there.  They can’t even take one on one interviews with him. Reporters wanted to ask so many things from him but barely they get any answers to their questions.

Dave Chappelle Attack Video Explained

According to reporters, they were saying he was the main culprit and he was the one who started a fight with Dave. He was 23 years old. And he is the one who created this issue. The whole incident happened on night 6 of Netflix’s 11-day Joke Fest.

At the fest, something around 130 users attended the show and everybody has seen the whole incident. Some were recording it while some just watching it. Those who recorded the whole incident, we’ll put the link somewhere in this article. So that you won’t find it difficult to watch it. As the video got deleted from every platform. Whoever tries to upload the video, will delete it instantly. As of now, we have this much information, if something would come up then we definitely inform you. Till then follow this site.

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