Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination This Week 5th March 2022: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss OTT Telugu – Final Live Voting Results Revealed!: Bugg Boss Non-Stop is the most appreciating Ott reality show which has been gaining an audience all over the nation. People are appreciating a lot and they love watching each and every episode of it. The ott version of the show is somewhere helping it to be watched by the audience from the country. And the show has been giving real content to the enthusiasts which are making the viewers stay engaged with it.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

The show has been keeping on making the audience engaged to it as it has been gone on for 24 hours, this is why the name of the show consists of Non-stop. Well, there were some of the issues on Wednesday and Thursday as per the concept of the show audience faced interruptions in it.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination This week – Who is in Elimination in Bigg Boss Non-Stop Today – Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

The show has been stopped all of a sudden and this creates issues in the entertainment of its audience. So there was the interruption in the live streaming which s due to the technical issues after which the fans took to Twitter and they wrote to the ott platform about it. And they even ask for the resume of the streaming of the show.

Here is the list of the participants who are on the elimination this week:-

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Nominated Contestants List

  1. RJ Chaitu
  2. Mitra Sharma
  3. Mumait Khan
  4. Hamida
  5. Ariana Glory
  6. Nataraj Master
  7. Sarayu

The contestants were getting disturbed a lot and they still kept the patience after which the makers of the show keep on updating them through their official pages on the social media platforms. In tonight’s episode, you guys will go to see a lot of Demosthenis including Fun, frustration, emotions, entertainment, crying, riots, and riots.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Final Voting Results This Week

Let’s come to the elimination, this week there will be an elimination in the show and you guys will going to be amazed and shocked with the elimination of this week. This is the most heartbreaking part of is this phase of the show but as per the format of the show, it must need to take place.

So how is the now from the which will going to be eliminated in this week is still suspense and for this, you guys just need to keep some more patience until the Sunday’s episode. Stay tuned to the show, and for the written episode update stay tuned to us by following us for bok marking our site.