Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Elimination This Week 2 – 12th March 2022: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Telugu? Final Vote Result Revealed: Bigg Boss Non-Stop has become one of the most fan-favorite and entertaining reality shows, which has been gaining huge TRP ratings at this time. The viewers of the show are enjoying the fights and arguments among the contestants. As we all know that Bigg Boss is mainly known for its intense fights among the contestants. In the digital version of Big Boss Telugu, the contestants are providing a high dose of entertainment to their fans as well. It is only the second week of the show and the contestants have already increased the level of intensity in the show. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the eliminations for this week.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Elimination This Week 2: Who Gets Evicted from Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Telugu? Final Vote Result Revealed

Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Elimination

As we all know that Bigg Boss Non-Stop was premiered two days before and from now on this show is being followed by many who are appreciating the contestants for their efforts and struggles in the show.

Each participant has a big fan base as they had been a part of the show earlier and who are new in the show, they have also made a huge fan base through this show. The viewers are showing their support to their favourite contestant through several ways, especially on social media, that too, by making their fan page on social media platforms.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Elimination week 2 – Who is in Elimination in Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT this week – Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

As per the voting results, Mitraaw and Shree Rapaka have higher chances to get evicted from the show. Some sources have also claimed that Shree Rapaka is going to be evicted from the show this week. However, there is no confirmation has made yet. While Akhil Sarthak is safe for this week as he got more votes than others. You will get the final results on Sunday when the host will announce the name of the contestant who will be evicted from the Bigg Boss Non-Stop house. It is going to be very interesting to see who will be eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Nominated Contestants List

Apart from this, the show is really going on well and collecting praise from the viewers. This week, a total of 11 contestants got nominated in the nomination task. The list of the nominated contestants is given below:

  1. Hamida
  2. Mitraaw
  3. Shree Rapaka
  4. Ashu Reddy
  5. Natraj
  6. Ariyana
  7. Anil Rathod
  8. Sarayu
  9. Mahesh Vitta
  10. Mahesh
  11. Shiva
  12. Akhil Sarthak

Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Final Voting Results For 2nd Week

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Online Voting Results for this week

  1. Akhil Sarthak- (35.95% Votes)
  2. Shiva- (14.94% Votes)
  3. Ariyana- (13.42% votes)
  4. Sarayu- (8.10% votes)
  5. Hamida- (5.44% votes)
  6. Mahesh Vitta- (5.06% votes)
  7. Natraj- (4.18% votes)
  8. Ashur Reddy- (4.05% votes)
  9. Anil Rathod- (3.80% votes)
  10. Shree Rapaka- (3.16% votes)
  11. Mitraaw- (1.90% votes)

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is the most discussed how on the social media platform among the fans of the show. As they are so tensed with the fear of elimination, the housemates are nominated for this week. Hence the fans of the housemates are so worried and disheartened as they are in fear that their favorite participants can be out from this house. So the netizens are debating over the elimination of this week. They are in the argument that who will be eliminated from the show this week.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop OTT Voting Results  – 12th March

Last weekend we have been seen that most talented combatants whose name is Mumaith Khan and there many of the viewers are in thoughts that there will be the most unexpected elimination this week. Nagarjuna is the one who recently joined the housemates. In the previous week, there were 11 contestants those here is the name of the nominated participant Arts Sarayu, Hamida Khatoon, Anil Rathod, Mitraaw Sharma, Ariyana Glory, Nataraj Master, Akhil Sarthak, Shiva, Ashu, Shree Rapaka, and Mahesh Vitta. Well, we are so aware of one thing that you guys are here to grab the details of the upcoming elimination so the answer to your question will be given to you in the article below.

This season is going so well and the housemates in this season are giving their best as they are here to be won the tiler of this season. And the most interesting part of this show is that the inmates are so keen to get the opportunity after winning the task. So in tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss is going to give them a task in which they have to prove themselves as this is gonna be a luxury budget task for them after which the winning team will be able to get food items.

The shows as the most beloved host from the film industry, yes you guys are right we are talking about none other than Nagarjuna. Bigg Boss Non-stop is the first season of the Telugu language reality digital series of BiggBoss. The series will be out exclusively on Disney + Hotstar and set to premiere on 26 February 2022.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Contestants List:

Ashu Reddy, Mahesh Vitta, Mumaith Khan, Ajay Kumar Kathurvar, Sravanthi Chokarapu, RJ Chaitu, Ariyana Glory, Natraj Master, Shree Rapaka, Anil Rathod, Mithraaw Sharma, Tejaswi Madivada, Sarayu, Anchor Shiva, Bindu Madhavi, Hamida Khatoon and Akhil Sarthak. But this week one of the members will be out from the show. Do not forget to watch any episode of “Bigg Boss Non-Stop” on the Disney+ Hotstar app.