Cyan Boujee leaked video full. The ongoing viral video of Cyan Boujee is taking over the internet by storm as the famous social media influencer can be seen engaged in intercourse.

Her photos and videos of doing s3x have surfaced on the internet. Many Twitter users also have reshared it.

After the leak of a shocking controversial video of Cyan Boujee, the social media influencer is taking a swipe at Prince Kaybee for allegedly leaking the video.full video in link

Despite Cyan Boujee’s serious allegations that have thrust him into the top trends and trending searches, Prince Kaybee has not reacted or responded to the allegations. He is still maintaining his silence on the allegations.

The influencer also claimed that the viral video was filmed years back but it was leaked this year. The people of South Africa are now perplexed to connect the dots on how Prince Kaybee was embroiled in the leaked video of Cyan Boujee.

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But the controversial influencer said she was okay despite the video thrusting her into the trending searches for the wrong causes.