Who was Chinedu Bernard and what was her cause of death?: It was sad to announce to you that the actor guild of Nigeria has demanded a deep investigation into the Nollywood actress Chinedu Bernard who was officially dead in the hospital. According to reports, She was cleaning the church on Friday when she suddenly collapsed and died on the spot. The actor of Nigeria assumed in his mind that something was going wrong here. I have never seen that many cases where a person died after the slump. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Chinedu Bernard and what was her cause of death?

Who was Chinedu Bernard?

There is something suspicious which he was wondering about her death. Maybe this was not an accidental death. It was a murder. Or someone has killed her like the enemies which she made in the past. Many statements were coming to his mind saying so many things about her death. But he doesn’t know which one he will believe or which one not. It will be only known when an autopsy will be done. That’s the only way in which he will know her actual death cause.

Chinedu Bernard Cause of Death?

According to him, many questions were circulating which need to be answered such as How can someone who slumped inside a church sustain bruises on the face. Who are Chinedu’s parishioner friends? Who are Chinedu’s friends in Enugu where she is practicing her craft?  There are only two options. Either someone killed her or she took a suicidal substance and decided to die in the church. Post mortem must be conducted to know the real cause of her death.

How did Chinedu Bernard die?

Many people are asking so many questions when her news came out on the internet. Comments are saying, how can someone will die by just slumping. Something serious has happened in the church where it is shown to the common people that she died but the real truth was behind the scenes.

Chinedu Bernard parents

Talking about her parents, they were very sad and are mourning her death. They were crying all the time and can’t understand what they will gonna do after her death. Her admirers were giving heartfelt condolences to her and sending the tributes to her. Her fans were sending some support to her family to get some help in the difficult times. Our sincere condolences, best wishes, and prayers are always with her. Hope wherever she goes, may her soul rest in peace.

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