Is Deni Hines Married? Australian singer relationship explored: Famous Australian musician Deni Hines has been making the headlines after sharing about her life. Yes, you read it right that recently, the singer discuss her career, marriage, upbringing, and so on. Deni Hines is well-known for her 90’s hit songs with the Rockmelons. At present, she is competing in Dancing with the Stars on Channel 7. She is getting much love and appreciation from her fans who are supporting her immensely in the show. 51 years old musician is doing great on the show and winning the hearts of judges and her fans. In this article, we are going to share some comprehensive details about the musician and her life.

Is Deni Hines Married? Australian singer relationship explored

Is Deni Hines Married?

While talking about her father, Phillip Gibson, she said that she didn’t know him in person. She spoke to him for the first time at the age of 3 on the telephone. She revealed that he told her that he was about to come to meet her on Christmas Day, she sat outside of her house for a whole day but he never came. She said that she was raised by her mother and grandmother, the two strongest women in her life. Her mother got pregnant with her at age of 16 and they moved to Sydney from the US.

She revealed that she has a half-brother named Phil Jr. aged 28. She started talking to him online over the past 6 years but they have never met each other in person. Her brother is a boxer. She said that she asked him how old was he when dad left him. He was 7 when dad told him a story and put him to bed but when he woke up, Dad was gone. He left a note writing “I can’t do this, son.” Later, she talked about her mother’s boyfriend. She said that her mother dated Jimmy Mann, a stage manager who looked after her like a father.

Then she revealed spoke about her love life. She dated her first boyfriend at her high school, his name was Kyle. She was so impressed with him, they kissed behind the tuckshop but they separated. She had a celebrity crush on Michael Jackson, wrote so many letters for him. She got married to INXS guitarist Kirk Pengilly when she was 21 years old in 1993. It was her first-ever serious relationship and they met through John Stevens. He was six years younger than her mother. Due to the age gap, the couple’s relationship didn’t work out and they broke up after 18 months of their marriage. Later, she met Daniel Moses with whom she got married. She finally got a good man who respect her a lot. Stay tuned with us for more updates.