Nick Chubb Squat Video on twitter
Nick Chubb Squat Video

Nick Chubb Squat Video Explained

Nick Chubb Squat Video on twitter. Nick Chubb lifting ludicrous amounts” video. These always pop up during the off season and increase in frequency until the start of training camp, and they somehow keep getting more and more amazing.

Nick Chubb squats a mind blowing 610 pounds on a Tsunami Bar Back in May we had video of Chubb squatting 675 pounds, so in terms of raw weight lifted this is not his peak — but the devil is in the details. The reason for the mammoth bend is the Tsunami Max Bar, which purports to increase athletic endurance due to its flexible nature.

Nick Chubb Squat Video twitter

He played in 14 games during the 2021 NFL season, carrying the ball 228 times for 1,259 yards (5.5 average) and eight touchdowns.

It marked his third-straight season with at least 1,000 yards rushing, as he missed the mark by just four yards during his rookie campaign in 2018.

Check out the video of him below. Another year, another offseason of Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb crushing it in the weight room back in Cedartown, Ga.

Last year, Chubb knocked out two squat reps of 600 pounds. This year, the former Georgia Bulldog star went with a single rep of 675 pounds back in his hometown. Watch video full👇

Nick Chubb Squat Video