One Piece 1044 Leaks Raw on Reddit, and Twitter Explained: One Piece, one of the biggest and ever watched anime in the anime industry has broken all the records. Now, these anime creators have taken this anime to a higher level by introducing a new character. The new character was a mystery for everyone. Nobody knows how this anime will be performed in the industry. Within a short period of time, the news has been circulated and went viral on the internet. Fans show so much craze into this anime. Here we are in this article, provide you with all the information which you need it. So without wasting any delay, let’s get started.

One Piece 1044 Raw on Reddit

One Piece 1044 Leaks Raw on Reddit

Right now, the wait and patience that the people faced regarding this anime. Nobody has to face it. Creators introduced the Eiichiro Oda a major twist in the One Piece. This arouses the curiosity of readers about what was this. Everybody was curious right now. It was believed that One Piece Chapter 1044 has taken as a rebirth. Readers want to know the exact reason why it is taken as a rebirth. Some might even think that Oda doesn’t shy away from it.

Regarding this, one tweeted that: Joy Boy literally rebirthing himself into Luffy would throw away how far he’s gotten up to this point. Luffy’s relationship and connection with Roger should be the same thing with Joy Boy, not literal reincarnation. I said what I said.

One Piece 1044 Raw on Reddit

In one piece of a new chapter, Zunesha mentioned that Joy Boy has been finally returned after 800 years. After so many years of waiting, Luffy goes through the transformation which is explained in the whole series.  This anime will provide some insights to the viewers if once watched it. Then you will know it.

One-piece which is the most-watched animated series has now available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Fun Animation Studios. The anime is available in English and many other languages. Creators have done so much hard work to create the extraordinary scene. You can book your tickets on and on other online platforms. The manga series has already been hit and sold dozen of copies. The amount was consistently coming and making many profits. Let’s see what this anime will bring new into the anime world. Till then, follow this site to get the latest news and information on your device.