Who Is Ticsandroses On Tiktok? Why Do Fans Think Emerald Rose Has Fake Tourettes? Explained: Recently, tics and roses have become a vast topic on the internet. Many were talking about it. This gives a huge exposure and gives a hype on the internet. Fans were crazy about the Emerald Rose. In this article, we gonna discuss here briefly. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started. Emerald Rose became a hot topic these days. She created the account on TikTok and now became the most viewable and most watchable celebrity on TikTok.

Who Is Ticsandroses On Tiktok? Why Do Fans Think Emerald Rose Has Fake Tourettes? Explained

Who Is Ticsandroses On Tiktok?

When she was six or seven years old, she was suffering from Tourette syndrome in which the nervous system was disturbed and she can’t even bear to stand over these years. Her life became so much more difficult to run it. She was using her TikTok account to aware the audience of Tourette syndrome. Her aim is that what happened to her should not happen to anyone. On her account, she has over 500k followers which is insane. And she can do whatever she wanted to do with her account. Either she can make revenue from it or she will aware the audience of this disorder. It depends on her.

However, recordings like the one we’re going to show started to generate questions about whether or not this particular TikTok had Tourette’s syndrome. Her physical appearance was observed to be forced or fake. When these assumptions were proven to be correct, ticks and roses were exposed, resulting in her account being permanently deleted.

Why Do Fans Think Emerald Rose Has Fake Tourettes?

Some of her fans believed that the news of Tourettes is fake. And whatever she was showing to the public was just getting the views and attraction from the public. But they don’t know from which pain she’s suffering. She just doing social work for society and she didn’t want to see others’ pain that she is suffering from.

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Besides this, Emerald has his own company which she runs, sees, and manages. The business was a yarn dying business. Whosever came to his firm, they say only one thing and that is your product is so good which I have never seen before. She was doing this for a long time. Her firm name was Stardust Fiber Studio. She made the Facebook page account and an Instagram account where she lists her firm products. Sometimes, she lives streams and broadcasts their page worldwide so that they will get more and more clients and make more profits.