Shark Tank India Sippline Episode: Shark Tank India is the most appreciated and highly watched business reality show, has seven entrepreneurs from different businesses. They are here to listen to the new entrepreneurs in the market and to fly their business so high by sharing their equities and offering them an amount for tanks, by investing in their business. Here is the list f the Sharks, Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Ashneer Grover, Ghazal Alagh, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, and Vineeta Singh. The fan base of the shark tank is massive and we are here with the story of the “Sippline” entrepreneur.

Shark Tank India Sippline Episode: Shark Tank India Sippline founder roasts Ashneer Grover and Aman Gupta

Shark Tank India Sippline Episode

Does a “Sippline” founder get an investor from the Sharks?

In the episode which was premiered in December 2022, there was a Sippline entrepreneur, with his product in the hope of begetting an investor for his business but after his pitch, he failed to beget any f the shark to invest in his idea. During this Asneer Grover lost his self-control and he loses his temper after which he used such harsh words against the Sippline product and advise the founder to not continue with the same product.

In which product does Sippline deal?

Sippline is based on the Drinking Shields and is a portable attunement for your glass.

Sippline founder roasts Ashneer Grover & Aman Gupta after being mocked for his ‘glass ka mask’:-

How did it all start?

So after the Sippline founder ended his active Ahneer Grover advised him to be close to his brand as soon as it is possible as he said, “Your Product is Wahiyar.”

Whereas his fellow shark member laugh behind these words of him, and it was Aman Gupta.

Ashneer Grover further said that “The product that this is not, I have not seen this product in my life, nor do I want to see it. God take me away! This is such a dirty product. After that, I don’t want to see anything in life.”

Later, Rohit filled Ashneers words and advised him added that “I respect your suggestions and is added that his customers think differently for his ‘Glass Ka Mask’.”

Recently Rohit shred a clip in shows he is seen roasting Ashneer and Aman Gupta, “This is not Made in China stumped in India, it is Bose’s 30.”

This clip of Rohit is getting viral all over the web and on social media platforms.  Stay tuned to us to get more updates on the same.