Sienna Noordermeer Injury video – Sienna Noordermeer Injury trending
Sienna Noordermeer video – Sienna Noordermeer trending video

Sienna Noordermeer injury video

Tributes for Northwestern University volleyball player Sienna Noodermeer have poured out online after her injury during Sunday’s (November 6, 2022) game, but what exactly happened? Nebraska’s Cornhuskers came out victorious at yesterday’s.

Sienna Noordermeer Injury Update

Volleyball game with a 3-2 win over the Northwestern Wildcats at the Welsh Ryan Arena, Illinois. It was a tight game as the Wildcats kicked things off with a set one win 29-27. After a 20-25 loss in set two, the cats managed to bring it back in the fourth set with 25-23. Ultimately.

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Sienna Noordermeer Injury video viral

their last game ended in a 15-6 defeat after setter Sienna Noodermeer was carried out of the hall on a stretcher due to an injury. Students and spectators have sent their well-wishes to Sienna for a speedy recovery, but for those of you who didn’t witness the accident, here’s what happened.

Sienna Noordermeer Injury explain

The game was delayed for about 15 minutes in the middle of set five when Sienna ran after the ball heading toward the stands. With her eyes focused on defending, the first-year student didn’t realize that she was running full speed into the ground floor seats.

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Footage shows the setter rebounding off the hard object before tumbling on the stairs as spectators rushed to support her.

Sienna Noordermeer injury video – Sienna Noordermeer trending video