Shoot under high pressure. On Wednesday October 12, a video showing Élise Lucet arguing at a gas station was posted on TikTok. The clip, shot by a third party, went viral and has been viewed over a million times on social media.

Video elise lucet station on reddit, Élise Lucet intervening in an altercation

As you can see below, the extract shows the French journalist n°2 and her boom operator positioning themselves between the cars of two motorists in the queue, one of whom is obviously impatient, trying to overtake the other. “The lady, she’s been in line for three hours,” the investigative journalist can be heard saying.

On Thursday, October 13, Télé-Loisirs reached out to Élise Lucet, who provided some background, explaining that the scene dates back to last weekend and that she was shooting a report for journalists on the fuel shortage which is currently affecting the country. “Like everyone else, I stood in line for almost an hour last weekend. Motorists were very nervous, she says, and she was not recognized. They just looked at the gas pump. Not me.

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In conclusion: “Frankly, it’s the life of most French people, and I consider myself rather lucky compared to those who need a lot of fuel to get to work. »

As a reminder, the employees of the Esso-ExxonMobil refineries and the TotalEnergie group have been on strike for several weeks.

They are demanding higher wages, and as a result of the social movement, and the recent double rebate imposed by the government and TotalEnergies on diesel and gasoline prices, many service stations have run out of reserves.

The report by Élise Lucet, who will also meet some of the strikers from these refineries, will be broadcast on France 2 on Thursday 13 October.