Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans Explained: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246, comes with great news for all the enthusiasts of it and you guys will definitely going to enjoy the new chapter. Just after the ending of the previous chapter in which Takemichi Knoned out Kakucho with the strong and heavy punch, till then fans are keen to watch the new chapter of an anime. So we are here with the good news that the new chapter of an anime is set to be aired soon. Follow More Update On

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans Explained

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans

In the blog below we will be going to be update you guys with the details including release date, time, and more about the same. Today the Twitter user Mina has been taking the platform and there she has been posted a few panels of raw scans with the spoilers. Takemichi is always thoughts about himself as a weak fellow. But once it is known about him he had been jumped back in time for the first time.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Raw Scans Explained

He decided for a mission to be strong and not only for him but also for the pole that is around him. He was tried his best and after this luckily he succeeded in saving Hima but the sad part is that he lost Mikey to the darkest in this process. Now his aim is to be brought back Mikey but it is not easy to do so, for this he must have to be defeated first.

There was a fight between Kantou Manji and Tokyo Manji and one more thing which is not expected eas Takemichi to be at the forefront of the battle. Tokyo Revengers 246 will be represented by Takemichi and Sanji Manjirou who are engaging n battle for the very first time. And the os question about Takemichi is, “Will Takemichi be able to land even one hit?”

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Release Date:-

The most important and the first thing which needs to be published here will be Tokyo Revengers 246 raw scans. well, there is the expectation that it might be going to be aired this Monday on 14th March 2022. Kodansha is one of the publishers who are original and all the other scans can only be found there. Those who are keen to be with the English version of it then t will gonna be hot in the next 24 hours. stay glued to us to grab the written episode update about the same.

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