On Monday, President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley and granddaughter Natalie tried to drag the president away from reporters after he started chatting with the media while walking on the beach in Rehoboth.

Video Natalie Biden leaked on Twitter and reddit with cocaine:

“No, no more — no more questions,” Ashley Biden said in singing behind her father, raising her hands. But then Biden was asked about the upcoming G7 meeting and couldn’t resist responding to his agenda there.

“Yeah, one of the things you might remember I initiated was the international flat tax. We have 140 national registrations,” he began. “Here I am,” he said to Natalie, who hovered near his left shoulder. “This is my son Beau’s eldest daughter, and she’s trying to tell me, ‘Daddy, grandpa, dad, go ahead,’” the president said.

DailyMail.com asked Biden women how they spend Father’s Day on the President’s Sunday. “We had dinner,” Natalie replied.

“Everyone went out to play,” Ashley replied. “We solved the puzzle,” Natalie added.

The Biden family — which also includes granddaughter Naomi and her fiancé Peter Neal — slowly walked Monday through Rehoboth Beach, a federal holiday for Biden, who signed legislation last year to put 6 16 included, the president posed for a photo with beachgoers who had gathered around him.

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