VIDEO: Who Is FATIMA TAHIR Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Age, Instagram & More!

Fatima Tahir is popular all over social media and recently she has been getting viral all over the internet. Fatima is a beautiful woman who is viral over the Internet and people appreciate her but her recent pictures and videos are getting hatred and people are angry with her.

VIDEO: Who Is FATIMA TAHIR Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Age, Instagram & More!

Though social media can be informative and sometimes it can be beneficial as well, in some cases, it can also be very crucial and can be disturbing as well. Some people gain fame and popularity as well, but with fame comes reality check and hatred as well. The same thing is happening with Fatima Tahir. Let us discuss in detail why Fatima is getting hatred all of a sudden. Recently her TikTok and Instagram pages are in demand. The influencer is viral over the internet for the controversial images she posts online. The influencer is someone who has had a big name when it comes to naming.

Who Is Fatima Tahir?

Fatima is a great name in her religion and she has been gaining hatred because of that. Someone commented in her Instagram comment section saying that having such a big name and doing such stuff is crucial. She posted pictures on her Instagram which are explicit and her Whats app chats are also leaked online. Her pictures which are explicit are getting viral and more people are interested in her whats app number. Though Fatima is getting fame along with it she is also getting hatred. Her explicit pictures are gaining hatred. In one picture she posted herself wearing a salwar kurta but many people passed hatred comments on her pictures.

Fatima Tahir Video

Fatima was wearing a necklace that had a pendant with Allah written on it and this picture got hatred. People pointed out saying that even if she is doing inappropriate things then she should not include god’s name or something related to religion. Apart from that, her pictures were also gaining hatred as well. One of the comments said, At Least don’t use god’s name in your work, you have such a big name besides of all. Fatima has over 13.4 k followers on her Instagram page, though many do not comment on her dressing sense and the way she posts pictures online, she is getting online hatred because of the recent picture she posted online and the what’s app chats which are going viral all over the internet.

Fatima Tahir: Wikipedia & Bio

Maybe she uses whats app like the Only F, as in the chats she was seen humiliating a guy and sending him humiliating texts and really bad words. Her chats are also getting hatred and one of the Instagram users shared those screenshots. The what’s app chats are also going viral on Twitter as well. Those screenshots seem to be from the guy whom she was in a relationship with. Overall her Instagram and TikTok are in demand these days and the influencer is gaining followers all over the internet. Speaking of which her viral pictures and videos are made viral all over the internet. Her attempt to wear the necklace and her being a model and using the god’s name, again and again, is also being noticed. Maybe she will take steps against it.