WATCH: Invercargill Crash Video Goes Viral On Social Media!: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about a horror crash in Invercargill. Yes, you read it right that a horror crash has taken place in which four teenage boys lost their lives. The video of the accident is really heartbreaking and surfacing on the internet at this time. People are upset after getting the news and are also praying for the victims’ families. As we all are seeing that the number of road accidents has been increasing every day. People are driving very recklessly on the roads without thinking about anyone else. In this article, we are going to share some essential details about the recent crash in Invercargill so stay tuned with us for more updates.

Invercargill Crash Video

According to the latest reports, four teenage boys have died in a horror crash in Invercargill. The accident was reported by the Southland Area Commander Mike Bowman. The accident was really horrible and deadly in which four teenagers lost their lives. Three of the 4 boys were 16 years old and one was 17 years old. Bowman stated, “Yesterday afternoon about four o’clock the Invercargill police and emergency services were called to Queens Drive.”

Invercargill Crash Video Viral On Social Media

He added that the crash involved a Ford Ranger and a concrete truck. Unfortunately, four youngsters passed away at the scene. Three of the young boys were from the seaside town of Bluff, south of Invercargill. It was a shock for the entire Bluff community as a whole. It was a small town and the deaths would have a huge effect on people. It is absolutely a tragedy for the families of the four deceased young boys.  He said, “And we will be working very closely with them,” adding that “No words can explain our sympathy … to the families and the wider community.”

However, it is still not clear what was the cause of the crash. Bowman stated that the officials have a word with several witnesses to gather evidence leading up to the collision. The police have been asking witnesses to contact them if they have any information regarding the accident. The family members of the victims visited the scene of the crash on Queens Dr this morning. We are trying to find out more details about the crash, when we get them, we will let you know for sure till then stay connected with us for more updates.